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Top Quality Patent Attorneys Brought here By Stanford Experienced Professionals

If You Plan on Licensing Your Invention or Building a Business Around it, You Need a Quality Patent Designed with Business Profit in Mind

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Get the Best Protection Money Can Buy - At Low Cost

  • Cutting Edge, Silicon Valley Based Patent Style
  • Patents Drafted to Protect the Core Value of Your Business or Invention
  • Spend Wisely. For A Low Cost we Make Sure Your Key Patents Give you Maximum Protection

Utility Patent Drafts in 2-3 Weeks

  • Patent search results in 2 business days
  • Have your first application draft back in 2-3 weeks. File shortly thereafter.
  • We are clear about what we will do, and attentive to always getting it done on time.
We are inventors first, and we are here to make sure you get what you need to succeed. We only deal with small and medium sized businesses and independent inventors. We offer you a customized service that fits your needs. The last thing we want is for your needs to take a back seat to major corporations using us to simply fill out their patent portfolios.

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